News/ latest updates and other useful information  from Kanha Tiger which might come in handy in planning you trip to Kanha National Park.

  • T27 aka Dhawajhandi female was finally sighted with 3 cubs on today morning in Mukki zone. Cubs are approximately 4-5 months old, born in last summer and are fathered by Link 7 male aka T29.
  • Chota Munna aka Link 7 aka T29 male was sighted with a big gash on nose probably due to fight with another tiger rumored to be Chimta female T34.
  • Kanha National Park has opened for visitors from 1st October 2017.  As of now only Mukki  and Kisli zone are open for visitors whereas Kanha & Sarahi zone would open from 15th October.
  • One day one of park opening Link 7 male, Umarpani male , Umarjhola female, Mahaveer female and few more sightings from Kisli Zone we reported.
  • As expected sightings at mukki zone have started with a bang and  would continue to top sighting charts in coming season as well.
  •  As per new proceed add on in any tickets can only be done 5 days prior to safari date. Post this no further add on possible either online or at booking counter.
  • Jeeps and guides at Kanha are allocated on rotation basis. You can hire a specific guide and driver by paying additional charge.
  • Morning safari at Kanha is of longer duration as compared to evening one.